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The Beginner's Guide to Backyard Chickens - FREE Guide! in KEYSBOROUGH, Victoria for sale

The Beginner's Guide to Backyard Chickens - FREE Guide!
The Beginner's Guide to Backyard Chickens - FREE Guide!
The Beginner's Guide to Backyard Chickens - FREE Guide!
The Beginner's Guide to Backyard Chickens - FREE Guide!

Buying the wrong chickens can cost you dearly if you get it wrong! Expecting eggs that never arrive is a lot more common than you think but easily fixed if you know what to do.
If you are wanting to bypass the problems and get regular, fresh eggs without spending a fortune, I have written the perfect guide for you! FIfty-three pages, 110 colour photos and downloadable full-sized breed and egg quality posters that show you everything you need for success.
The guide is focused around the needs of backyard chicken keepers who want a productive yet great pet for the whole family. It’s for those living in urban areas who have limited time and space.
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Some of the things you will learn include:
* Why a majority of chicken breeds will cost you a lot of money if you choose them for eggs
* A complete, full-sized colour poster of every chicken breed in Australia both hens and roosters
* A list of what vaccinations your new chickens should have received before you purchased them
* Why buying cheap, non-vaccinated chickens is a ticking time-bomb
* The chicken vaccination and management plan you must sight before considering to buy chickens
* How much room you will need for each of your hens both in and out of the coop
* The different types of chicken coops that you can use and how to decide what will work best for your backyard
* A complete list of permit requirements and contact information for every council in Victoria
* The maximum number of hens that you can keep at your home before you’ll need a permit
* Why it can be a bad idea to buy an ex-cage or old hen
* How to safely transport your chickens home after buying them
* Why common, commercial chicken feeds such as “layer pellets” can hurt your egg production
* What the different ingredients in feed are and which ones are expensive
* Why chicken feed companies like selling chicken “pellets”
* The egg shell quality chart that will show you all the different egg shell problems and what the causes are so you can easily fix problems
* The most popular type of drinker and feeder used for backyard chickens and how to calculate how much your chickens will drink and eat
* Viruses and parasites that can harm your chickens and how you can detect them
* Ways of protecting your chickens from contracting viruses and parasites in the first place
* The main predators that will kill your hens and how to protect your flock from them
* Frequently asked questions by backyard chicken keepers and the answers
To download the FREE guide right NOW simply download it from our Website:
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