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Laying Hens - Brand New 4-Month-Old's With Money Back Guarantee! in KEYSBOROUGH, Victoria for sale

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Our brand-new, Point-Of-Lay (POL), Hens arrived on the 27th of May and are now starting to lay their first Pullet eggs! Fully vaccinated for all the common poultry diseases, these hens will provide you with up to 360 eggs over the next 80 weeks.
As we are a small egg farm that relies on egg sales rather than chicken sales - it is extremely important that our hens are at peak health and receive the very best nutrition. This is something that chicken breeders and resellers don’t have to worry about. Some can easily save on costs by skipping vaccinations and feeding hens cheap, poor quality feed!
Our hens have never been given hormones or antibiotics and have only ever been fed our high-spec layer mash with lots of greens and corn. We confidently stand behind our hens and so offer a 100% money back guarantee if they don’t lay eggs (if using our feed), or fall sick in the first month - you won’t find any other hen suppliers offering that!
*****For further, comprehensive information on keeping backyard chickens please see our FREE Beginner’s Guide to Backyard Chickens available for instant download by visiting
***************************************DANGER: BUYER BEWARE!******************************************
Always ask for a guarantee and list of vaccinations administered with all hens you are thinking of buying as lack of vaccinations, non-layers or roosters combined with no guarantee can mean your initial, cheap purchase price might increase significantly!
Our breed of hen is a genuine Hy-Line Brown - currently the most popular egg laying hen in the world! They are great with children having a calm temperament, lay eggs with strong shells and have excellent production. The Hy-Line Brown also has one of the best feed to egg conversion rates of any laying hen - saving you money.
We are a small Free Range Egg Farm and have always sold our layers to singles, couples and families who want to be more self-sufficient, save money and love fresh eggs. We also sell a range of quality free range feed, feeders, drinkers, health products and nesting perfect for the “urban farmer”.
Be sure to search for our ad on Australialisted for our new Traditional Gourmet free range layer feed. It’s available in 10kg, 20kg and 40 (2*20kg), weights and customer feedback and demand has been very positive with their delicious eggs and healthy chooks. Using feed which is familiar for them will also greatly help your new hens adjust to their new environment and lay sooner after relocation.
You can find us at:
151 Chapel Road, Keysborough 3173
We are a small, Free Range Egg Farm based in Keysborough with a family involvement in the Poultry industry of over 45 years. To learn more Google “Talking Hens”
Open from 9am - 5:30pm, 7 days a week
Contact me now by phone or text on ******** 231 + click to reveal  (Zero Four Zero Six - Six Nine One - Two Three One), and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you may have before or after you visit us.
Payment methods: Cash, EFTPOS: Debit Card, Credit Card, Bank Transfer (No minimums or extra charges)
Free transport boxes provided
Thanks for reading - Jason